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House of Lords questions Government assertion that people will not have to sell their homes to pay for residential care

The government published it’s consultation paper in response to the Dilnott commission proposals in July 2013 and the consultation process is due to end on the 25th October. A proposal from the paper was headlined with the banner ‘people will not have to sell their home in their lifetime to pay for residential care’. At…
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Married couples & registered civil partners receive the best exceptions from inheritance tax

The best inheritance tax (IHT) exemption provided by the taxman is the ability for married couples and civil partners to pass their estates between each other tax free, there are also additional benefits: – Married couples and civil partners are able to transfer on the second death the percentage amount of unused nil rate band…
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Immediate Care Plans, one of the financial industy’s best kept secrets

An Immediate Care Plan (ICP), also known as an Immediate Care Needs Annuity, is an annuity that will deliver a guaranteed regular income to help pay care fees. An ICP can be both tax efficient and provide peace of mind with long term care funding, it can be used to fund both community based care…
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FINAL MONIES IN! ABD Team enjoyed the Chippenham Half Marathon run and felt good to have taken part and to have supported such a popular local event. In turn, they felt pleased to have been given the support and encouragement from work colleagues, family and friends who supported them not only in the run but…
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