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Will Inheritance Tax be abolished and what is the logic?

David Cameron and George Osborne have signalled that the Tories wish to abolish Inheritance Tax (“IHT”). UKIP have the same agenda.  The Liberal Democrats subscribe to a new tax called Accession tax. The annual tax take from IHT is thought to be worth £3.5 billion per annum. What is it all about? Our Blog of…
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The Medical Innovation Bill, as good as law already?

Previously we blogged that the Assisted Dying Bill would not receive the Royal Assent because it was not backed by David Cameron or, for now, the Government. But what about the Medical Innovation Bill sponsored by Lord Saatchi? This Bill was introduced into the House of Lords on the 5th June 2014 when it received…
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The Assisted Dying Bill, will it ever be the finished article?

Euthanasia, assisted dying, locked in syndrome? All phrases we have become used to as a consequence of greater awareness following reported court cases and media interest in this subject. There already exists courtesy of the Mental Capacity act 2005 the concept of a living Will. This document allows people in advance to make pre determined…
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