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Downsizing your Property or Rightsizing?

We all know that the UK is an ageing population. The 65 year olds plus make most use of our social care system. There are 11.1 million people in the UK over 65. By 2037 places like Birmingham, Cornwall, Leeds and Wiltshire are going to see an explosion in those aged 65 and over. Changing…
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The Medical Innovation Bill – Where is it now?

On the 23rd October we blogged that this controversial Bill was at the Committee stage in its progress through the House of Lords. It has now advanced to the Report stage. It was analysed line by line on the 12th December when clauses one and two were considered. The 3rd and final reading of the…
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The Assisted Dying Bill, will it ever be the finished article? Part II

Our last blog on The Assisted Dying Bill (13.10.14) was relatively downbeat about its chances of success. What a difference a few weeks can make! As stated previously the Bill is at its Committee stage in the House of Lords. This is where the Bill gets scrutinized line by line. The Bill was scrutinized for…
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Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) is it truly a voluntary tax?

There is as they say nothing more certain than death and taxes. It has also been said that death and taxes never arrive at a convenient time. To what extent is this true with IHT? Tax planning can certainly mitigate a persons  liability for  IHT, both for the elderly and others.  It is also true…
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