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The recovery of care home fees


No matter how wealthy you are the cost of your care, to include accommodation, food and medical treatment is provided free of charge by the NHS if you have a Primary Care Health Need.  This package is known as NHS Continuing Health Care.  Entitlement is assessed and scored in accordance with a National Framework.


The assessment is sometimes over looked, wrongly scored/assessed in accordance with the National Framework or withdrawn prematurely.


abdcare, can advise on your rights or the rights of a person you care for either in their lifetime or post death and recover fees wrongly paid by you or the person you care for from the NHS.


Asset Protection


If you get involved with the Care System it can be expensive. People in this country unless they are suffieciently poor or have an entitlement to NHS Continuing Health Care, are required to pay at least something towards their Long Term Care costs. 45% of people involved in Long Term Care in this country are self-funding.


It is estimated that there are 10 million people over the age of 65 in this country.  Of the 10 million, 3 million have difficulties with personal care and support in respect of dressing, eating, bathing, toileting and getting into and out of bed. 1 million of those people pay for care themselves or rely on friends or family. 850,000 are supported by the local authority. The remaining 1 million people plus are thought to have to fend for themselves.


abdcare can advise and structure your Long Term Care needs by potentially protecting your property for the benefit of a surviving partner or the next generation.  If you protect the house it is essential to adapt your Will to make it consistent with your house ownership. Advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney and Living Wills is also a necessity. Additionally pointing you in the right direction in respect of appropriate financial products is key, to include Equity Release, Investment Bonds, Immediate Care Plans, Trusts, Funeral Plans and other products. abdcare's purpose is to protect your assets, make your money last longer and assist those who you have entrusted to help you with your ongoing needs for care and support.


Bedsores, falls and elderly abuse


The frailties of older age are inevitable.  We are an ageing demographic.  There is a recently published book entitled "The 100 Year Life" which amongst other things predicts that a baby born today will live to 105 years of age.  This could be argued to be a conservative prediction because some commentators already say that there exists on this planet a person who will live to be 150 years of age.


With frailties there is an increased risk of falls and such unpleasant things as bedsores.  The consequences of either can be serious.  Falls and bedsore can often be the result of lack of resources and training in the Health Care System.  abdcare can advise you or your representatives on fault and the pursuit of damages.


Elderly abuse is an ever increasing problem.  There is no legal definition but it can include physical, sexual, discriminatory, financial and psychological abuse by people or institutions.


There are remedies for victims of elderly abuse to include complaints, injunctions, damages and the involvement of the Councils safeguarding adult boards.  abdcare can advise pursue and protect.

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