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This section consists of three elements relelvant to elderly care issues.  These are:-


DWP Benefits

DWP Benefits and entitlements are a key element to managing elderly care issues and making your money last for as long as possible.  A principle reason is because if you are assessed by a local authority for financial support, you will be deemed to be in receipt of relevant benefits you would otherwise be entitled to.The money entitlement the benefits provide will be deemed to be a part of your income for assessment purposes.


The section on benefits is divided into non-means tested and means tested benefits for the elderly.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions is a secion which provides opportunity to explain and discuss additional information and reinforce important information already provided. The questions and answers are focused on the services abdcare provide and DWP benefits.


The section attempts to answer questions specifically on the subject of recovery of care home fees, asset protection, injuries and abuse and DWP benefits.


If you should have questions which are not answered in this section, why not contact us on 0800 072 86 36 or complete the free quick enquiry form and a member of our team will call you back within 15 minutes between 9am and 5pm.


Useful links to other organisations

When trying to understand the Elderly Care System in this country frequent references is made to local authorities and the NHS.  Although these are the main providers of services, information and asstsiance for the elderly it would be a mistake eto think that they are the only organistaions relevant to the subject of elderly care.


This section divides into types of provider who can provide help, assistance and information.


An ancilliary purpose behind this section is to encourage users to identify other organisations for the purposes of providing help and assistance on the subject of elderly care.  The providers listed are a representative sample only and nothing more.

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